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Parechei is a site that allows people like you to give to people in need. Our Map organizes a registry of requested items from nonprofits throughout the United States. Once purchased, those gifts will be sent directly to people in need. This makes each donation very personal. You as the donor get to decide what is purchased with your money, and whom it is sent to.

Non profit organizations can register on our site and create their own wishlist with whatever they need. This helps them receive the items and amount they are actually in need of, rather than random in-kind donations.

Many non profit organizations receive donations all the time, but it’s not necessarily fulfilling a demand. They seem to have hundreds of toothbrushes for everyday of the year, but are in constant need of mens briefs, womens bras, yoga mats, and so much more. Parechei solves this problem, willing contributors, (like you) will know where the greatest need is, and what and things are needed.

Join in a movement of gift giving. It’s no longer a generic monetary donation, but a gift, given by you and received by one.

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