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aargo is dedicated to making it easy to find and compare available options

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    aargo is free to search and all listings are shown

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    Map, keyword, days listed and other detailed search parameters.

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    aargo is dedicated to making it easy to find and compare office, retail, and health care options.

Why and how does aargo.com work?

aargo partners with real estate professionals to make sure you only see accurate and up to date listings in real time.

  • Transparent and accurate

    Our focus provides you with real, accurate commercial real estate listings in real time.

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    Unlike our competition, aargo shows you all listings without a subscription or login required.

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  • office space

    Law firm? Tech company needing creative open space? Opening a new office? aargo makes it easy to find the right options.

  • health care

    Health care properties can be hard to find and difficult to compare. aargo's data makes it easy to find the right health care space and make sure you are getting a good deal.

  • retail

    Need the right store in the right location? For retail, the details can make or break a store. aargo's dedication to bringing transparency to retial space gives you the options and data to compare space.

  • industrial space

    For many sites, Industrial listings are an afterthought. aargo brings clarity and details to industrial listings and makes the listings available unlike any other platform.

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aargo.com is 100% free

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exclusively focused on making it easy to find and compare commercial real estate

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aargo’s focus allows you to find commercial space fast.

Coworking and Sublease

aargo includes coworking and sublease options and we make them easy to find.

Free to search

aargo is 100% free to search all of our listings unlike our competition.


No Login Required

No login, registration or credit card information required to search. Start searching now.

Effective Support

aargo has live chat, phone and ticket based support. Our support pages included how-to videos and 100’s of support articles.


aargo makes it easy to find commercial real estate


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aargo is a mobile friendly platform. You can create an account and search for commercial space from any device.